EVERY FEW WEEKS SEVERAL Magic Eye fans will be chosen at random to win a Magic Eye product, such as a book or a poster. Past winners have come from all over the globe, from California to Bulgaria to Japan.
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New Contest Winners

Jasmine Gabriel, Woodridge, Illinois


Barbara Korber, San Carlos, California

"Love the Magic Eye. Have several books. Look at them whenever I need an escape from reality"

Tanya Bare, Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia

"As a kid we had these books in the classroom and it was such a rush to see the pages transform for you!! The magic never dies, 20 years on and I still get a thrill when I see another Magic Eye!"

Katharina Stevens, Evansville, Indiana

"I work for an optometrist that uses Magic Eye for vision therapy especially for stereopsis issues."

Hayley Garcia, Austin, Texas

"I have been captivated by Magic Eye books since I was first gifted one as a small child. What a wonderfully stimulating and creative way to train the eye, keep the mind sharp, and challenge yourself daily! Magic Eye rocks, thanks for all the magic you have brought to my life!"

Lisa Gillim, Owensboro, Kentucky

"I love doing Magic Eye. It helps me with focusing and concentrating. I've learned to block out distractions by doing Magic Eye. Thank you."

Previous Drawings:

Lesley Jorgensen, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Wow! 25 years. I have several of the books that I keep by my bedside. One or two a day to refresh the eyes - I find it balances more than just my eyes! Thank you."

Toni Brown, Phoenix, Arizona

"My parents bought me the books growing up and I still enjoy looking at them and teaching others how to see the images. I feel like a magician being able to see them."

Patricia Cummings, Agawam, Massachusetts

"I like Magic Eye cuz the images are different, colorful, mesmerizing and fun to view."

Elyse Mermelstein, Stuart, Florida

"I loved Magic Eye as a kid, and still have the collection of Magic Eye books and calendars I accumulated as a child. I've been teaching for over twenty years and have shared this fun with loads of my students, Girl Scouts, and other young people. These are still too cool! :) "

Lorene Young, Frost, Texas

"I have been fascinated with Magic Eye for years. Took me a long time to get the hang of it, but now it just comes naturally. Love, Love, Love them."

Daria Coutch, Rockwall, Texas

"I've been obsessed with Magic Eye ever since finding the books at the library when I was about 10. I realized that only some people in my family could fathom out the images, which made me feel like part of a secret club. Nowadays I really enjoy getting new Magic Eye images in my email- I love surprises and a bit of mystery, and Magic Eye always delivers"

Lisa Thomas, Prineville, Oregon

"It has always been easy for me to see the Magic Eye pictures. When I look at the pictures in focus, they make my eyes physically feel relieved of any stress and pressures. "

John Alfieri, Wangaratta, Victoria Australia

"I just discovered today how to see the Magic Eye images and I am totally blown away by the detail."

Masako Orlando, Fairfax, Virginia

"I really like Magic Eye, I like being able to see it pop out and pop in if that makes any sense, haha."

Amanda Van Zante, Eddyville, Iowa

"I loved Magic Eye as a kid and now I get to share it with my own kids!"

Trisna Nguyen, San Diego, California

"I've been in love with Magic Eye for awhile now, they're incredible! They're so much fun and I feel a bit special since I know my brother can't see them. I feel as if I'm looking into another world; Magic Eye will never fail to amaze me."

Crystal Buzzard, Hillsboro, Ohio

"I had all these posters as a teenager. I remember my friends & I would sit around for hours just starring at them. Love this product!"

Wyatt Denues, East Berlin, Pennsylvania

"Ever since I was just little I've been absolutely fascinated by Magic Eye!"

Lila Major, Los Lunas, New Mexico

"I have loved these books since I was little!! They are the coolest."

Stephanie Carlsen, Ogden, Utah

"Once my eyes zero in, I love looking at all the details. These are amazing pictures."

Rick Ramsey, Plant City, Florida

"I absolutely love being able to see the "magic" in the pictures come to life. Even as my eyes adjust to all the images, I find myself enjoying the anticipation of discovering what is going to pop out at me on the screen! I love these scenes!"

Richard Stewart, Canton, Ohio

"Our whole family loves Magic Eye. We all look at it together to see who figures it out first. "

Melissa Salvato, Long Beach, New York

"I have loved magic eye since I was a little girl. I am 33 and I still love it!"

Narciso Bezerra, Aracaju, Brazil

"I Love Magic Eye, it is fascinating to see the images in 3D without glasses!! I like to see these 3D images to relax after a hard working day, in my hammock."

Richard H. Maher, Mahony City, Pennsylvania

"Wow! I took a look at a Magic Eye picture, not knowing what to think. It looked like the carpet of a casino. But then I looked at it just right, and BAM! I got the surprise of my life."

Patrick Kilcran, Tucson, Arizona

"I love these. For years I could not see them and then it just clicked."

Kathy Evans, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Just plain old love it. Worked at the post office main facility and people mailed the magic eye post cards and we at work enjoyed looking and figuring them out. (shhh don't tell the boss.. haha) "

Tyler Tsoumbos, New York, New York

"My grandfather would bring out his Magic Eye books when I would visit. The first time it "worked" for me, I was ecstatic! Now, not only do I have to solve one every time I see one, but I associate it with one of my favorite people in the world!"

Michelle Gilbert, Pembine, Wisconsin

"I have loved Magic Eye since the 90s. I recently introduced my daughters and their friend to it, and they're fascinated!"

Chrisanthy Inscor, New Port Richey, Florida

"These are amazing books, when I am down I pick up my book and it just takes my mind off of worries, it is amazing what we can create!"

Jason Whetten, Winslow, Arizona

"Many an afternoon growing up was spent in front of a magic eye book. Now, as a neuroscience professor I love introducing magic eye to new generations."

Jhona Huntington, New York, New York

"Get them almost instantly! Love them!"

Steven Garrison, Snellville, Georgia

"The first time I "saw" a picture I literally fell out of my chair!!!"

Mandi Lansdale, Madill, Oklahoma

"I love these! It amazes me"

Jordan Locke, Englewood, Florida

"I have been a big fan since I was kid."

Gale Maher, Mahonoy City, Pensylvania

"I tried for years to see these. Really! A few years ago, I did it! Now I'm hooked on these. They are amazing!"

Lilliam Roman, Millville, New Jersey

"I love Magic Eye. I get it in minutes and my sister in law and I are in competition to see who gets it first. She is good too."

Carolyn Wilson, Manchester, Georgia

"I have loved it for years. I can still see them on my computer after cataract surgery! It is amazing.."

Andi Ritchie, Franklin, Ohio

"I have loved Magic Eye since about first grade when I picked up my first Magic Eye book. Once I got the hang of them I was able to take one look and instantly see the picture. All my classmates wanted me to teach them how to see them too. I still to this day have people ask me how I am able to see it and do it so fast. I could look at them every day all day. Each one is so amazing and unique! Please, never stop creating them!"

Catherine Nay, Inglewood, California

"I've loved Magic Eye from the very start. It's fascinating how I can feel the exact moment when my brain (or whatever it is) shifts into the correct viewing mode; they're so much fun."

Rene Keener, North Hollywood, California

"I have been a tremendously loyal Magic Eye fan since its inception. The anticipation of every new image is overwhelming. If you intend to gift, always buy at least 2 of an item. Because once you have it, you won't want to part with it."

Melissa Holt, Brownwood, Texas

"I remember when my Dad first brought a Magic Eye book home when I was little. Now I have my own family, and we all love them!"

Matthew Curley, North Port, Florida

"I have been a fan for over twenty years!"

Olenka Salimove, Singapore

"I opened the book and got so amazed!!! couldn't stop enjoying the pictures, and even now looking at something i see things differently, same, usual, everyday things i see differently. I am enjoying this effect! Oh God I am like in different reality !!! ))) Thank you to creators! lots of love!!! "

Kipper Ryan, West Yorkshire, England

"I grew up looking at Magic Eye books and at pictures online with my friends and we were convinced it was actual magic. They're so clever and original and always brighten my day."

Mellanie Colt, Hendersonville, North Carolina

"I love Magic Eye pictures. Been following since they first came out. My kids love them too! Thank you!"

Jada Schaffer, Sheridan, Wyoming

"I'm a college student studying to be a middle school English teacher and mother to two handsome little boys. I've always loved Magic Eye and still have the first book that I got nearly 20 years ago. I hope to teach my kids to use them and I'd love to have the books in my future classroom."

Jeffrey Shoemaker, Wilmington, Delaware

"I love the Magic Eye images; I find them to be quite relaxing. I remember the first time I was able to see the image, I actually yelped! It was so cool!"

Cathrin Ballmer, Chiang Mai, Thailand

"I watched a Korean drama and they happen to have a Magic Eye book and I wondered how they would see the picture hidden inside. I was super curious so I googled Magic Eye right away and found this website. Guess what. Since then I start playing every single one on this website. I waited every week for a new one and would get so excited to see the hidden picture. I just love it because it makes me feel special somehow. I feel like I have magical powers when seeing the hidden pictures. I would show the picture to my friends and ask them if they could see anything but most of them don't. So if I tell them I saw a shark they would be like "whaatt? whereee? And me be like "duhhh its right there!!!!" It is so much fun and I had a great time with it. I still do!!!! Thanks for making these kind of things that makes me enjoy arts in a cool way and also makes me feel special!! "

Annie Freeman, Bay Shore, New York

"Love these! SO much fun!"

Linda-Rae Nichols, Oneonta, New York

"I have loved these since they first came out....they are truly magical...."

Angelo Grotticelli, My Juliet, Tennessee

"Fantastic experience."

Tonya Trummer, Omaha, Nebraska

"My mother loves Magic Eye more than I do - but, even I think it's cool."

Matthew Albright, Chesapeake, Virginia

"I'm so happy! I was finally able to teach my wife how to see Magic Eye pictures! Now, she's finding them with ease. I tried many techniques, but the one that finally worked was where she started close and moved back. It was awesome to see the look on her face when she finally saw the image. Thanks for something that not only is a challenge to find, but also helps keep "older minds" sharp!"

Marilynn Cowley, Coalville, Utah

"I love Magic Eye. It helps me keep my eyes relaxed and in good shape. Plus it keeps my brain engaged!"

Michelae Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I grew up with the Magic Eye. I loved waking up early on Sunday mornings and reading the comics while my mother clipped coupons from the newspaper. The Magic Eye was my favorite part of the comics section. I would cut them out and save them in a folder. In elementary school, the Magic Eye books were always the first to get checked out, and you couldn't renew them because they were so popular. I came across this website today, and I can't wait to share this part of my childhood with my children when I get home from work today."

Dan Geist, Windermere, Florida

"The first time I saw one was at a party in college. It was the stealth bomber and I thought everyone was joking and it was just a gag. Once I really saw it I ran out and bought a large print to show the folks at home. I remember late that night finding my dad lying on the floor holding the frame at arms length trying to see it from every angle possible. When he finally got it, he thought it was the greatest thing in the world."

Douglas Noss, Ypsilanti, Michigan

"I have always loved you guys! Ever since I was a kid did I ever try to get my friends to try to see what I could. Thank you for existing! Totally awesome!"

Aanchal Jain, Hyattsville, Maryland

"Its so magical & beautiful.. I love them so much."

Miguel Rivera, Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I quite enjoy the fact that a plain piece of paper can define an object in so much resolution, it brings it out of the paper and that to me is extraordinary awesome."

Jordan Coats, Belleville, Illinois

"I've been a lifelong fan of Magic eye. When I was a child, I was very jealous of my dad because he was able to see the magic eye pictures and I wasn't. I truly did think it was magic. After months of staring at his Magic Eye III book I finally figured out how to properly focus my eyes. Ever since then I have been in love with the Magic eye books. Not only is it a fascinating concept, but it's also so much fun! Thank you Magic Eye."

Kirby Podolan, Dublin, Ohio

"I enter a different world when I see the image, the experience is unbelievable."

Greg Johnson, Horseheads, New York

"I grew up using them in my elementary school library i could easily see the images from the first time i used the books but i havent used them in years and now that i just graduated high school i realize how fast im growing up and think that the magic eye books would be a perfect way to revisit my childhood."

Marianela Suarez, Miami Beach, Florida

"I love Magic Eye so much, I introduced it to my daughter at a very young age. Now she loves it too. She is now 15 and we have contests to see who figures it out first. The loser does the dishes. Love you guys !!!!"

Tina Yuan, Davidson, North Carolina

"I love Magic Eye and I flip through my Magic Eye book every night before I go to bed. I always have good dreams because of this!"

Joanna Palacino, Capitola, California

"I am fascinated by Magic Eye pictures. I discovered them about 25 years ago when my children were small,and now I have the extreme pleasure of sharing them with my grandchildren. The expressions on their faces when they first "see" the hidden pictures are just delightful!"

Susan Ellis, Abilene, Texas

"I loved this as a kid. This was the library book that kids couldn't stop sharing. It was awesome and I'm 37 now and I still love them!"

Regin Kovacs, Spokane Valley, Washington

"I discovered it years ago, and a friend taught me how to see them. I use them for meditation. They work!"

Heather Gurkin, Vilas, North Carolina

"Loved these since I was a kid! I feel like I step into another reality!"

Kim Hodgkiss, Farmdale, Ohio

"They are fascinating and I freaking love them."

Angel Ramirez, Fonana, California

"Magic is awesome I definitely enjoy the fact that I can brag about how easy I can see it."

Steve Harvey, Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada

"I remember the first time I saw a magic eye poster in the window of an art store. After 15 minutes the 3D picture suddenly came into sharp focus and I was stunned at how amazing it was. It was so much more incredible than what I thought I'd see."

Bunny Perry, Fern Park, Florida

"It is so fun finding the images! Thanks for always making me smile! :) "

Loriahn Bass, Fort Eustis, Virginia

"I have loved Magic Eye since I found them 20 years ago! They always amaze and memorize me."

Beverly Stone, La Pine, Oregon

"I've been a magic eye fan for as long as I can remember. Being able to see them makes me feel like a member of a special group. I love them!"

Suzanne Strayhorn, Round Rock, Texas

"I am a sixth grade teacher and the Magic Eye books are always a favorite with the kids."

Diane Cordner, Tidioute, Pennsylvania

"When I first discovered Magic Eye, I didn't know how this phenomenon worked. After watching some videos and trying out this technique, I could view 2-D objects in 3-D! It was simply mind-blowing!"

Henk Bergsma, Meppel, Netherlands

"Magic Eye... every time a magic moment when I discover the magic in the picture. Thanks for the moments of amazement."

Christine Day, Fisherville, Virginia

"Magic Eye is a treat. I had a co-worker who decorated his office wall with Magic Eye calendar pages. What fun!"

Clifton Jones, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I love magic eye. Normally I can see the image within five seconds. They are so cool."

James Williams, Toney, Alabama

"I am 45 and have been excited by 3d since I was 10. Magic Eye is truly magic. Each time I find the effect, I am 10 again. And smiling."

Joseph Blanchette, Newport, Rhode Island

"I enjoy looking at Magic Eye pictures. Before I retired I put a framed Magic Eye picture on the wall in my office. It was calming to see the dolphins inside the picture swimming underwater. I use to keep a Magic Eye page a day calendar on my desk.."

Susan Cardella, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I love Magic Eye. I'm almost 75 and it keeps my brain working. I know that sounds silly but it's true. I love puzzles and games. Keeps me young!!!"

Sarina Brixey, Ramona, California

"Magic Eye used to be a point of great frustration when I was younger. All of my older siblings could see the images and would try to describe them to me. Then one day I decided to give it one last try, whoa! I could see the bunny that my brother described and the dolphin that my sister saw! I could finally see the Magic Eye images! Now I can see the images faster then my siblings. It really is a lot of fun!"

Imran Hussain, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"When I first discovered Magic Eye, I didn't know how this phenomenon worked. After watching some videos and trying out this technique, I could view 2-D objects in 3-D! It was simply mind-blowing!"

Viviana Ramos, West Valley, Utah

"It really fascinated me the way the images pop out. My favorites are the scenery ones. I love them."