THE CLASSIC Magic Eye image is a three dimensional image hidden within a two dimensional pattern. Magic Eye images are a highly advanced form of stereogram. Creating a Magic Eye image is a combination of patented technology and artistic ability.
Gray scale source image THE FIRST STEP is to create a 3D model. Only a true 3D model, which can be rotated and edited at will, provides the necessary flexibility for a Magic Eye image. Without sophisticated graphics software in the hands of an experienced user, the chance of a good result is slim. Our creative staff has years of modeling experience, plus additional experience working with true 3D.
THE GRAY SCALE rendering of the model becomes the source for the hidden image. The next step is to produce a 2D pattern which will serve as the visible pattern that camouflages the hidden image.

The 2D pattern determines the overall look and feel of the image. We can incorporate company logos, company colors and other design elements into the visible pattern.

ALL 2D PATTERNS are not created equal. It takes talent, experience, and high-end software to produce a pleasing and technically effective 2D pattern. Every member of the Magic Eye creative team has an Art School background and many years of experience working with computer graphics.

The third part of the process is the computer program that takes the grayscale source plus the 2D pattern to encode the hidden image. Magic Eye Inc. uses its own patented algorithm. Our program is a leading edge, parameterized stereogram generator. The result is a genuine Magic Eye image, like the one shown on the next page.

Starter pattern