Magic Eye
Magic Eye images are used worldwide by eye specialists for vision therapy.
Viewing Magic Eye images is like "aerobics for your eyes!"

"I learned to see the hidden magic eye images when I was 12 during visual training. I loved magic eye so much that it motivated me to become an optometrist! Now I am 32, I am an optometrist and I use magic eye every day during vision therapy :-)"

~ Myrte Goriens, Zaventem, Belgium

"I have been a fan of Magic Eye since the first product came out. My daughter has a lazy eye and has been helped tremendously by these exercises. The images work on the same level as the expensive 3-D exercises performed at her Dr.'s office. The entire family loves seeing the images and being first finding a new one. Your calendar is really great. Thank you for providing a product that is both fun and useful."

~ Patricia Leonard, Farner, Tennessee

"I am a piano teacher of many years and I have your site linked to mine as I recommend Magic Eye as a way of focusing."

~ Ellen Vinnik, Toronto, Ontario

"Lots of fun and good for tired eyes- I use them to relax eye muscles."

~ Matthew Knapp, Aromas, California

"Magic Eye is great for maintaining visual focus."

~ Kelly O'Connor, Ehrenberg, Arizona

"I visited my eye doctor, he said that rather than put prisms in my glasses to use Magic Eye cards daily for six months! It seems to work. I used them faithfully for a number of years and then I got lazy and didn't use them for six months. My vision deteriorated to the point of needing prisms after that. I am starting to use Magic Eye for eye exercises again."

~ Linda Ahern, Springfield, Oregon

"After viewing the Magic Eye posters and doing a lot of the daily exercises I have have less eye strain when using my computer and it seems like some of my reading has improved. I have lately been getting my wife and kids into the fun and eye exercises. We're having a blast!"

~ Scott Lowry, Hopkins, MN

"Magic Eye has helped my eyes. I used to have headaches after reading, so I started using Magic Eye to release the pressure, and it worked wonders."

~ Valerie Lozoya, Anchorage, Alaska

"I have done many Magic Eyes when I was younger and loved them! Now I am in vision therapy to improve my eyesight and my doctor told me to try them again. Now my whole family is reading your books."

~ Leah Osterhoudt, Kingston, New York

"I bought a book for my daughters years ago, but now am using the method to help regain my "youthful" vision. I'm addicted, regardless! Thanks very much."

~ Debra Jarrett, Huntsville, ON, Canada

"I have been a riding instructor my entire life. When teaching riders to jump you do not look directly at the jump. This messes up your timing. You look at the jump the same way you see Magic Eye pictures. So I kept a Magic Eye picture in my office and when the kids could see it their jumping improved 100%! I would love it if you made a picture of a horse jumping."

~ Arlene Lawson, Selah, Washington.

"It is really very good kind of exercise for the eye and mind together."

~ Shabbir Sidhpuri, Yanbu, Saudia Arabia

"Hi I am Amitesh Kumar.......I am doing MCA from KIIT university Magic Eye is just a thing to increse your eye site and concentration power."

~ Amitesh Kumar, Bhubaneswas, Orissa

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Our book Magic Eye Beyond 3D discusses how Magic Eye images may improve vision, relax the body, and calm the mind. Numerous Magic Eye 3D Illustrations and exercises are included!

"It took me a while to understand how to view the images but now I'm definitely addicted. I have to rely on good vision at work and I have noticed a significant improvement since I began using Magic Eye."

~ Philip Jones, Solihull, West Midlands, UK

"I started using Magic Eye over 15 yrs ago. My eyes where failing because of glucoma and diabeities. 20 yrs later I must have searched and used every 3d pic possible. Now my eyes are relaxed and can zone in on any hidden pic there is. The pressure in my eyes use to be over 15 and 20. Since Magic Eye my pressures are around 5 and 6 without surgery and are getting stronger, that I no longer need eye glasses to watch tv. Now when my eyes get tired I just put them into 3d mode and the pain from stress floats away. I have the proof and verification from an eye sugergen who thought this was not possible."

~ Gary Brown, Billings, Montana

"Been doing Magic Eye for number of years - I have the first two books, plus cutouts from magazines that I've stored in three scrapbooks. Great fum, and my optometrist tells me it's excellent exercise for the eyes!!!"

~ Julie Jansen van Rensburg, Durban, Republic South Africa

"Magic Eye pictures help me to sharpen my concentration and focusing skills."

~ Harold Burleson, Saint Robert, Missouri

"Im a teacher of the Alexander Technique. 3D images are helpful to let go of tensions in and around the eyes, and pupils just love them. Makes it easier for them to notice the way they are using their eyes."

~ Hannele Kiikkala, Suinula, Finland

"Ever since I learned that I could use the stereograms from Magic Eye to help with my near-sightedness, I've been using them none stop. There amazing!"

~ Christopher Mays, Norfolk, Virginia

"I love figuring out the 3-d pictures. It helps my eye muscles get stronger and stay that way. I would love to see that way all the time."

~ Roger Vaughn, Monroe, WA

"I have always loved doing the Magic Eyes. I am a diabetic now.. and I really do believe that by doing these every chance I get it has kept my eyes strong.. I still do not need glasses. I hope that lasts forever.."

~ Sheena Bordner, Fostoria, Ohio

"I am 28 year old female, that loves Magic Eye as its the only thing I can see easily & clearly because of my stigma in my eyes."

~ Mullanie Mulder, Mindalore, Jhb